I love photography and love to photograph people.

Photography that I got acquainted with in childhood always came along and undoubtedly influenced me during my studies and work. It became important in different aspects: as a language to communicate with the surrounding world, hobby, and therapy, helping express my senses, pain and dreams. It is possibility to capture unique moment, mood and reveal it to other people’s hearts and eyes.

I understand photography as a spiritual journey through yourself, as inner satisfaction, as moments lifting us above material world. It is silent and aesthetic means of telling, who I am and what I do, presenting my point of view about the world. Like no other visual art, photography involves and fascinates me with the ability to sensitively and deeply reflect the reality.

I would love to photograph your story, so don’t hesitate to say hello. For commissions please contact: hello@evagrinphotography.com I +37061841727